Management Information Base (MIB)

MIB is a database of objects for a specific device within the network agent.

Types of MIBs:

   – 114 standard objects
   – Objects included are considered essential for either fault or configuration management

   – Extends MIB I
   – 185 objects defined

Other standard MIBs
   – RMON, host, router, …

Proprietary MIBs
   – Extensions to standard MIBs

Sample MIB Variables

Network Management System (NMS)

NMS playies the important rall at the Management system, That is it Polls agents on network and Receives traps, Gathers and displays information about the status around the Network and it is the Platform for integration

Example: HP OpenView

Campus Agent Technologies

This is an technology which is comming under the NMS to manage the agents and this going to provaid the customers the industry standards like

SNMP: Device get and sets
RMON, RMON2: Traffic monitoring
ILMI: ATM discovery

which most related with the cisco extensions like, 

CDP: Adjacent neighbor discovery
ISL: VLAN trunking
DISL: Error-free ISL enablement 
VTP: Automated VLAN setup
VQP: Dynamic station ID

Management Traffic Overhead

If a NMS faced a problem with the Traffic Overhead then there should be some reasion, to reduce this the NMS should set polling interval wisely betwen the agents and the bandwidth issues should lower than befor on lower-speed links


1 manager, multiple managed devices
64-Kb access link
1 request = 1-KB packet (avg.)
1 poll = getreq + getresp = 2 KB
Assume 1 object polled/managed device

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