Voice – Capable Route

A voice-capable router can replace a Private Line, Automatic Ringdown (PLAR) service from a telephone service provider.

In the example, a user takes the phone off-hook, causing another telephone extension to ring. The voice-capable router recognizes that the phone is off-hook, and routes the call over an ATM, Frame Relay, or HDLC network to the remote router. The remote router then routes the call to the PBX, which rings the appropriate extension. This solution eliminates the need for dedicated PLAR lines.

Tie Trunk Replacement PBX to PBX

Voice-capable routers on a WAN can replace tie trunks between remote locations, thereby saving the cost of tie trunks. In essence, the voice-capable router on either side of the ATM, Frame Relay, or HDLC WAN connection is configured as a tie trunk. The router then routes incoming and outgoing calls through the PBX.

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