QoS and Network/Policy Management

The ability of the network to provide better or “special” service to users/applications.

Where Is QoS Important?

Exactly where the QoS need LAN or WAN..

QoS Building Blocks

The following atre the important building blocks of QoS:

  •   – Classification
  •    – Policing
  •    – Shaping 
  •    – Congestion avoidance

QoS and Network/Policy Management

Here we going to know QoS with the Network Policy management.

Role of Security

Enterprises are more aware of security issues than ever before, with business globalization, growing numbers of remote users, and especially the press buzz about the Internet and VPNs forcing security to their attention. Security needs to be tied to policies, so that it can be applied consistently, without leaving hidden holes subject to hacker penetration.

Followig are the Activities:

Authentication and authorization
   – Employees, partners, customers
   – Protect corporate resources
   – Enable safe Internet use
   – Ensure data confidentiality
   – Secure Virtual Private Networks


  • SNMP, MIBs, RMON, and network management systems are the building blocks of network      management tools
  • The management intranet promises greater integration and easier-to-use tools
  • Policy-based management will allow enterprises to align network resources with business objectives
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